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SHARE@Children's Mercy

How to submit papers, documents, presentations, posters, and more into the CMH institutional repository

A Reminder About Copyright

Below you will find the steps for how to submit published articles, book chapters, books, etc for inclusion in SHARE@Children's Mercy.  You must not violate copyright laws, so be sure you have the right to upload the full text of articles.  If you do not retain the copyright, you may still fill out a record and link to the article on the publisher's web site.  The same is true of book publishers.  If you have written a clinical practice guideline or other internal document that you wish to share publicly, be sure to get permission from hospital leadership.  If you have documents you wish to make visible only to hospital employees, please see the SHARE administrator in Library Services to have a more private community set up in SHARE.  You may want to use OneDrive or SharePoint for internally shared documents, as all material in SHARE@Children's Mercy is intended to be preserved forever and cannot be deleted at will.

How to submit an article or book chapter in the SHARE@Children's Mercy 

Go to  SHARE@Children's Mercy

Click on My Account (dark blue bar across top of page) and log in (see "Getting Started" page for steps on creating an account).  

Go to Manuscripts, Articles, and Book Chapters Collection

Click on Submit Research: (left side, under Author Corner)



Read and approve Submission Agreement.

You may not be allowed to upload the PDF of an article or book chapter, depending on the copyright agreement with the publisher.  You may still fill out the record and link to the article or book chapter on the publisher's web site.  Check your own agreement with the publisher, SHERPA/ROMEO or the publisher's web site to see what is permitted.  You may negotiate the specific right to share your work publicly on the institutional repository; some publishers are open to that.

Fill out the record for your paper.  If your paper has a PubMed ID, enter it and most of the form will auto-populate for you!  Some fields in the record will be required.  The more fields you are able to fill out, the more searchable and discoverable your paper will be.

Upload your paper.  Best practice: convert format to PDF, upload PDF.  If you have additional files (supplementary material or appendix) you can also upload them. 
OR--link to paper at the publisher's web site.  Readers who discover your paper through the institutional repository may or may not encounter a paywall depending on whether the paper is open access at its source. After submission the SHARE administrator will add a link to library full text resources to help readers access your paper. 


If uploading a book, you may want to upload it chapter by chapter.  Please consult with the SHARE administrator about the best way to do this.

If you have a digital copy of your paper but it is embargoed for several months or even a year or more, you can upload the paper but set the embargo field for the date when it can be released to the public.  Set it and forget it!

Click Submit. The site administrator will be notified that material has been submitted and will approve the submission to be posted on the site after review.  

Note: An assistant can submit your papers for you, but be sure the Creator field is edited to include your CMH email address.  The + adds creators, the X deletes creators, the pencil edits creator records.  Administrative assistants may have to delete their names from the Creator field.


Go to My Account to Log Out.