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Citation Management (EndNote and More)

Time saving software for managing your references research and writing; particularly EndNote.

What is a citation manager?

Citation managers, such as EndNote, Zotero, and others, allow you to import, manage, organize, share, format, and export reference citations, including journal articles, books, manuscripts, websites, and etc. 

These programs connect to your word processor to insert citations into documents and automatically create reference lists in a variety of styles. They allow you to nearly instantaneously format all of the references in a paper in your selected journal or book publisher's required style. 

Some citation managers have additional features, such as sharing your references online to collaborate with others and searching for and/or storing full-text PDFs. 

It may help you to test different reference managers to see which you prefer.  Certain features you will want to consider consider when choosing your reference manager are:

  1. Accessibility - desktop, web-based or web browser extension.
  2. Is cost a factor? Some tools are free, but offer limited storage, or scaled-back features
  3. Is the citation / reference style you need to use available?
  4. Is the software compatible with your word processor?
  5. If you want to share your references with colleagues, what do they use?
  6. What is available from your institution?

Citation Management Software at CMH

Citation Management Software at Children's Mercy Hospital

There are multiple free programs available online that will provide some ability to manage, insert into a document, and format citations. Some widely-used options are the limited free online version of EndNote (EndNote Basic), Zotero, and Mendeley. Tabs are provided on the right to get more information on EndNote Basic and Zotero. 

The more advanced programs are commercial (NOT free), including desktop software like EndNote or web-based subscription software like RefWorks. CMH does not have access to RefWorks; however, it presently has a license with EndNote for 1,000 institutional licenses that CMH IT can install upon request on any employee's CM computer. Any employee who regularly conducts research or is working on a literature review or practice guideline may wish to request one of the licenses and have EndNote installed on their work computer.

How to Request EndNote at CMH:
Place a ServiceNow request with IT. Select "I need something" and create a "Generic Service Request." Describe your service request as "add EndNote to my computer."

Additional Information:

  • You can purchase EndNote yourself if you wish to use it at home or for other reasons: See for more information.
  • Those with UMKC or KUMC affiliations should check with those institutions about EndNote (or other citation manager) access.
  • CMH IT will install EndNote on a CMH work computer only, not on a personal device.
    • You can sync EndNote desktop with EndNote Basic (online) which can be accessed via internet anywhere. It's clunky, but it usually works.
    • You can request Citrix access to your specific desktop with EndNote included instead of the generic CMH desktop from IT.