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AAP Pediatric Collections

Subject collections curated by AAP on various pediatric health topics.



The following collections have been curated by AAP. The collections include articles, policy statements, commentaries, clinical reports, and other publication types from AAP journals. The collections are updated by AAP as new materials are published.

Please use the following links to access the collections through the library's holdings. From the citation lists click on the title of an article to be directed to the full text. 


ADHD: Evaluation and Care

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder, and every pediatrician will see children who are coping with the resulting behavioral and educational difficulties. This collection is an important and useful tool for all pediatricians who want to help children with behavioral and educational concerns. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This  collection consists of important studies, expert recommendations, and practice pathways that inform providers about practical ways to improve the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families.

Breastfeeding: Support, Challenges, and Benefits

This series focuses on breastfeeding and the benefits to both mother and child.  

Bullying and Victimization

This collection addresses bullying and its impact on both the physical and mental health of children.  

Child Abuse: Overview and Evaluation

This collection provides guidance and support for medical professionals when child abuse or neglect concerns are in question.  


The American Academy of Pediatrics is dedicated to providing health care providers with the latest open access research and guidance recommendations related to COVID-19. May this collection serve a reference when discussing COVID-19 with your patients, families, hospital or school administrators, and policymakers.

Depression & Suicide Prevention

This collection offers an overview of depression and suicide prevention as they relate to pediatrics. The collection focuses on the growing rate of depression and undertreatment in pediatric populations. 

Enriching Pediatric Learning: A Guidebook for Preceptors

The articles and commentaries in this series have been written by COMSEP (the Council of Medical Student Education in Pediatrics) members.

Ethics Rounds: A Casebook in Pediatric Bioethics

This collection presents a series of cases that highlight how ethical concerns in pediatrics are very different from those in other medical areas.  

Firearm-Related Injuries and Preventions

This collection addresses the public health crisis surrounding firearms and provides studies related to the crisis.  

Immunization Strategies and Practices

This collection provides vaccine information and policy statements from AAP for pediatric providers to use and reference.  

LGBTQ+: Support and Care

By understanding the current evidence organized in this series, pediatric providers can reassure children that we will listen, follow their lead, and work with their families and communities to create safe spaces and healthful opportunities to explore gender and sexuality as a growing aspect of human identity.

Medical Risks of Marijuana

This collection focuses on both recreational and medical marijuana use and its impact on children.  

Obesity: Stigma, Trends, and Interventions

This collection addresses the increase in obesity affecting the pediatric population. The articles address prevention and treatment as well as factors contributing to the growing rates.  

Opioid Addiction

This collection addresses the opioid epidemic currently impacting both children and adolescents.  

Racism and Its Effect on Pediatric Health

To help further the understanding of the harm of racism and disparities associated with racism in health care delivery, and to identify opportunities to improve health outcomes by addressing racism, the AAP has compiled a collection of articles published over the last 10 years that focus on these critical issues.  

Seasonal Flu

Articles in this collection provide recommendations for seasonal flu vaccinations in children.  

Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health are conditions that affect a wide range of health outcomes. In this series, AAP explores these conditions, such as housing, education, language, literacy, economic stability, access to food and physical activity, discrimination, and climate change, and the ways they effect children. Youths who are negatively affected by these social determinants of health suffer adverse effects not only in childhood, but through adulthood with increased risks of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and decreased mental health, as well as adverse events such as suicide and early death.

Sports Medicine Playbook

The research presented in this collection will increase pediatric providers’ understanding of the injuries that young athletes may incur – including their history, treatment, and prevention.

Toxic Stress on Children: Evidence of Consequences

This collection was created following the AAP policy statement regarding childhood adversity and toxic stress. The goal of the collection is to demonstrate the impact toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences can have on the emotional and physical wellbeing of children.  

Vaping: Effects and Solutions

Electronic cigarettes are the tobacco products most commonly used by youths in the United States. The use of e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, is a public health epidemic. This custom collection compiles the most up-to-date information on e-cigarette topics that impact the pediatric population. Its reviews and research will assist pediatric health care providers in identifying and treating adolescent use and exposure to e-cigarettes.