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What is open access?

Open access (OA) generally refers to information and publications that are freely available online. Open access scholarly works are free of charge for readers and are published under less restrictive copyright. 


Are there different types/levels of open access?

Yes, there are three main types of open access materials. 

Green OA: the author is allowed to self-archive a copy of their work (such as in an institutional repository). There are usually restrictions on which version of the work is allowed to be archived (preprint vs postprint vs final). 

Gold OA: publishing in an open access journal. The author retrains copyright of the work. 

Hybrid: when a journal includes both OA and fee based articles. Authors have the option to pay a fee to have their article OA. 


Is there a fee to publish open access?

Simple answer: usually yes. Open access work is not free to produce; however, the mission of OA is reduce the burden to readers and create similar access to scholarly work. 


Each publisher will have their own information page on open access. Below is a limited list of examples. 



Lippincott/Wolters Kluwer

Oxford University Press

SAGE Publications


Taylor & Francis