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Mobile Apps

Instructions for mobile or remote access to CMH Library Resources

PedsGuide App

PedsGuide: Pediatric Decision Support helps healthcare providers and emergency services personnel make diagnostic and/or treatment decisions for children facing acute illness. Users have access to step-by-step management recommendations for different acute illness scenarios that incorporate the most up-to-date evidence and expert opinion.

For health care providers seeking to request a consult from Children’s Mercy, PedsGuide features a quick-call feature to contact emergency medicine physicians or the Children’s Mercy Emergency Medical Transport Team


App Features

  • Easy-to-use checklists for entering basic clinical and medical history information to assess a patient’s risk of severe illness

  • Step-wise recommendations and decision trees for diagnostic testing, medication use, and clinical disposition that helps users make optimal, evidence-based management decisions for acutely ill children

  • Visual aids that provide users an estimation of risk for severe illness based on different clinical scenarios

  • Evaluation and treatment algorithms based off national recommendations and expert opinion for managing febrile infants <90 days old.

Available on Apple Apple Store and Google Play Store.