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Professor Rounds


Meeting with a CM Librarian in preparation for your Professor Rounds helps you discover, assess, and select relevant, evidence-based information for your presentation. It's also an opportunity to ask any Library-related questions (e.g., database search strategies, reference management, resource selection).

Here's what to expect when meeting with a Librarian:

  • Six weeks before your scheduled Professor Rounds presentation, submit a request to meet with a librarian. Be sure to include information about your case in the request. (See example from Service Now below)

  • A Librarian will conduct an initial search on your topic and share background materials for you to review. This will help you better understand what's been published on your topic and may help you better focus your presentation.

  • A librarian will send you an invitation for a 30-minute Teams meeting to answer any questions you have, help you find more information, and review literature searching skills.

  • Your librarian will be available for any questions you might have throughout the entire preparation of your Professor Rounds. Please reach out for assistance at anytime via Teams or email.