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SHARE@Children's Mercy

How to submit papers, documents, presentations, posters, and more into the CMH institutional repository

How to submit a poster to SHARE@Children's Mercy 

First, convert the poster format to PDF. If you do not have access to Adobe Standard, Library Services can convert the poster to PDF for you.

Go to  SHARE@Children's Mercy.

Click on My Account (dark blue bar across top of page) and log in.  ( see "Getting Started" page for steps on creating an account.)

Go to the Posters Collection.

Click on Submit Research (left side, under Author Corner).

Read and approve Submission Agreement.

Fill out the record for your poster.  If you have co-creators, it is a good idea to have permission from them to share/publish the poster. Some fields in the record will be required.  The more fields you are able to fill out, the more searchable and discoverable your poster will be. 

Complete the optional fields.

Mentor or PI field: A mentor, preceptor, or principle investigate can be included in this field.  This field can be searched within SHARE@Children's Mercy, using the advanced search on the left of the page.  The search results will show all items in the repository or that section of the repository linked to that name.

Notes field: 
Include when and where the poster was presented, e.g., "Presented at the American College of Cardiology annual meeting Saturday, March 16, 2019 in New Orleans, LA."
Also include any awards the poster received, e.g., "First place, best research poster, National Healthcare Quality Week."

Upload your poster.  If you have additional files (supplementary data, etc.) you can also upload them.  Your supplementary files can remain in their original format. 

Click Submit. The site administrator will be notified that material has been submitted and will approve the submission to be posted on the site after review.  

Note: An assistant can submit your posters for you, but be sure the Creator field is edited to include your CMH email address.  The + adds creators, the X deletes creators, the pencil edits creator records.  Administrative assistants may have to delete their own names from the creator field.

Go to My Account to Log Out.