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EndNote Citation Management

Time saving software for managing your references, research, and writing.


One important feature of EndNote Desktop is its "Full-Text Finder" search. This searches the internet for free/open access full-text PDFs of the articles in your EndNote Library (or a selected subset of them) and automatically imports the PDFs into EndNote. To increase the number of full-text PDFs located, you can authenticate and proxy within EndNote to access many of CMH's subscribed Library Services resources.

  • To set up this feature in EndNote:

1. Go to the edit menu and select Preferences

2. In the Preferences window, select Find Full-Text from the left side column

3. In the Find Full-Text Preferences (right side), check all the boxes, enter the following URLs as indicated, and click “Apply.”

OpenURL Path:

Authenticate with URL:

  • Once this is setup, you should not need to adjust it again, unless, you wish to proxy through another institution such as UMKC or KUMC. 
    • Select the references you wish it to search (use shift-click or ctrl-click to select as many as you would like).
    • Go to the References Menu, mouse-over "Find Full Text" and select "authenticate"
    • Use your CMH Scope/Outlook Log In, then click done.
    • Go back to the References Menu, mouse-over "Find Full Text" and select "Find Full Text."
    • It should then process automatically. If you have the file attachment field displayed in EndNote, which is default and commonly maintained, each citation that has a located PDF imported will then show a paperclip in that field.
    • Once it is finished, for any citation that has a PDF, you should be able to click a tab on the top of the left-side panel to view it. Contact Library Services for any assistance you need.