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MyNCBI is your personal NCBI Dashboard for:

  • Connecting you to your CMH full text access using the Outside Tool 
  • Saving searches and getting automatic e-mail alerts
  • Saving your recent activity searches and records for 6 months
  • Setting filter options
  • Displaying format preferences
  • Highlighting search terms while you review citations and abstracts
  • Accessing your My Bibliography and checking your NIH public access policy compliance
  • Creating online professional profiles with SciENcv: a researcher biosketch profile service

How to Set up your New Account:

Step 1: Access MyNCBI from PubMed by clicking "LogIn" in the upper right hand corner. 

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "New here? Sign up".


Step 3: Select "Create new NCBI Account"


Step 4: Use your CMH email to register for an account or create an account with a Google Account. 

Click below to view a video tutorial Library Services created demonstrating how to set up a new MyNCBI account and how to set up Outside Tool for access to Children's Mercy Library. 

Why should you use Outside Tool?

Outside Tool enables users to access Children's Mercy online resources as well as request items through interlibrary loan.  Turning on the Outside Tool allows the library icon to appear in abstract view.  This icon directs you to Children's Mercy institutional subscriptions and interlibrary loan services even you are working remotely.  The icon is different from the publisher link which usually requires a login or payment. 
Steps to Set-Up Outside Tool:
Step 1: Login to your MyNCBI account
Step 2: Select MyNCBI Account Preferences (top right corner)
Step 3: Under PubMed Preferences, select Outside Tool
Step 4: Search under "C" for Children's Mercy, select and save.

Saving your Searches

Consider saving your search in order to:

  • Revisit the search at a later time

  • Receive email alerts when new articles meeting your search criteria are added to the database

Saving Searches
Step 1: Login to MyNCBI
Step 2: Run your search
Step 3: Select "Create Alert" below the search box


Step 4: Rename the search if desired.  The "Search Terms" contain the words and phrases you used to create your search.
Step 5: Decide if you want to receive Search Alerts.  Either option will save the search strategy in your MyNCBI Saved Searches.  
Step 6: If you want to receive emails with new search results, enter your email and select the desired frequency and format for the emails.
Step 7: Save your search