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h-index & Google Scholar Profiles

Library Services recommends using a Google Scholar Profile to highlight your scholarly work and to calculate your h-index (needed for promotion). If you do not already have a Google Scholar profile, review these quick steps for setting up your account or our tutorial video below. Here are examples of Google Scholar profiles from Children's Mercy staff:

As previously mentioned, we recommend calculating your h-index via your Google Scholar profile.

Why the change from Scopus to Google Scholar?

  • A Google Scholar profile is easy to set up, especially if you already have a Google account.  
  • Google Scholar covers a wider range of sources than only journals, including conferences, technical reports, and presentations – resulting in a potentially higher h-index score.
  • You control your Google Scholar profile, and you can easily edit it if you change institutions.
  • When someone completes a Google search of your name, your Google Scholar profile is listed on the results page.