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How to Find Books

How to search for eBooks in the Library, how to find and place holds on print books, how to navigate different eBook platforms, and how to request books through interlibrary loan if the Library does not have them.

Overview of eBook Platforms

CMH Library Services purchases or licenses books from several vendors.  An example of each has been included below as well as some hints on how to interact with the book on each platform.  Some vendors aggregate books from several different publishers. This means some features may not work identically with all books, even on the same platform. If you have any issues accessing Library materials, please email


If you find an eBook on EBSCOhost the page will appear similar to below.  

You can download the PDF or access the ePub from the menus on the top left. (A)

You may need to scroll down to see the Table of Contents or expand the link on the left.  (B)

EBSCOhost provides additional tools on the right-hand menus. (C) Depending on the individual book you may be able to print, save, get the permalink, and more. More information regarding the publisher’s permissions regarding printing and saving may be found under the description. (D)


If you find a book on Books@Ovid the book’s page will appear similar to below.   

The book will be open in the center of the page. Use the arrows on the left and right of the page to scroll page by page. (A) 

You can expand the Table of Contents to select a specific chapter (B) or browse the index at the back of the book.  (C) 

Click on the Search icon to search within the book or across all the Ovid books in our collection. (D) 

The text option at the top right allows for the text to be adjusted. (E) 

Click on the arrow on the top right to open options for printing, exporting, and saving the book. (F) 

AAP eBooks

If you find a book on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) eBooks the page will appear similar to the page below.   

You can increase or decrease the text size with the (+) and (-) options on the top left (A)

You can show the Table of Contents using the third button on the left menu (B).  

You can flip from page to page with the arrows at the side (C) or jump to a page number (E)

You can search within the book by using the search field at the top right (D).    

AAP eBooks cannot be directly converted to PDFs, but you can print up to 15 pages (to a printer or to PDF) at a time using the Print Multiple Pages option at the top (F). Choose the page where you want to start and print the next 2 to 15 pages.   

Access Pediatrics

If you find a book on Access Pediatrics the book will open similar to below.   

You can search the book with the search box at the top of the Table of Contents (A) and by clicking the Show Chapters option (B) under the search box the Table of Contents will expand to include chapters under each section. 


Once selected the chapter will open on a new page. Under the chapter title, there are several options for how to interact with the book. Sections (C) will take you back to the previous page. Print (D) will print the entire chapter. Search the book (E) will open a search bar. the figures and tables for the chapter are included in separate tabs separate from the full chapter (H).  

Access Pediatrics also provides the option to listen to the book if you prefer (F)

You can send to printer or print to PDF each individual section using the printer icon on the far left (G).  

Clinical Key

If you find a book on Clinical Key you will arrive at the Table of Contents page as seen below.   

You can also Search or Browse for books within Clinical Key.  

Use the Search this Book feature (A) to search for specific topics within the book.  

Some books may have additional multimedia materials attached to the book. These materials can be easily accessed through tabs at the top of the Table of Contents (B).  


The videos will open in a new table on the page. 

Once you select a chapter to review the chapter will open on a new page. The section list for the chapter will appear on the left (C). You can read as the web page or open in reading mode through the double expand arrows (D)

Clinical Key allows for a PDF to be downloaded of the chapter (E); however, keep in mind in Clinical Key you MUST register individually to download a PDF (F)

Navigate Clinical Key for Nursing in the same way.