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Browzine & LibKey Nomad

Welcome guide for Browzine and LibKey Nomad. Briefly introduces Browzine and how to add LibKey Nomad to any browser.

Features of BrowZine

With BrowZine, you can: 

  • Easily read scholarly journals and articles on tablets and other devices
  • Create a personal bookshelf of favorite journals and articles
  • Set alerts for when new issues of journals are published
  • Easily save/export materials to EndNote


You will need an account to use the following features. Review the Getting Started page for steps to set up an account and the Mobile App page for how to set up access on tablets and other mobile devices.

My Bookshelf

Bookshelf helps users organize and track journals. BrowZine allows for each account to have up to 4 bookshelves. Each bookshelf has 4 shelves. You are able to move journals up and down the shelves as preferred. You are also able to name each bookcase and shelf.

To add journals to My Bookshelf select "Add to My Bookshelf" located on the journal's record page. The journal will be added to the first open slot on the Bookshelf. You can move the journal to a certain shelf or bookcase from My Bookshelf.


From My Bookshelf, you can move journals by selecting the journal menu accessed by hovering over the top right corner of the journal cover and clicking "Move".  Click the arrows that appear to move the journal to the preferred location.


Click the arrows that appear to move the journal to the preferred location.



My Articles 

My Articles allows you to save articles to read later. Select the Folder icon under the article to add it to My Articles. You will be prompted to add the article to a collection. Either add to an existing collection or create a new collection. 



Once you add a journal to your bookshelf you will be notified when a new issue is published. Your total number of unread articles will appear next to My Bookshelf on the navigation bar. When viewing My Bookshelf each journal will denote how many unread articles you have. 


When viewing a journal you can mark an entire issue as read or read the articles individually. Unread articles will be denoted with a blue circle.


To export a citation to EndNote, click the graduation cap icon under the article of interest. From the drop down select EndNote RIS. A file will instantly download and is ready to be imported into EndNote.