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Browzine & LibKey Nomad

Welcome guide for Browzine and LibKey Nomad. Briefly introduces Browzine and how to add LibKey Nomad to any browser.

Welcome to BrowZine!

Have you ever wanted to browse our journals or flip through an entire issue of a journal? We have good news for you!

Children's Mercy Library Services now subscribes to BrowZine, a platform that allows users to more visually browse our journal holdings. This visual showcasing of our holdings encourages users to view entire issues of journals, add favorite journals to a digital bookshelf, and keep track of read and unread articles in favorite journals.

BrowZine is also available as an app and allows users to read materials on a tablet or phone. 


Watch this brief introduction video to BrowZine and review the pages listed on the sidebar to get started with BrowZine.