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Browzine & LibKey Nomad

Welcome guide for Browzine and LibKey Nomad. Briefly introduces Browzine and how to add LibKey Nomad to any browser.

Getting Started with BrowZine

BrowZine is available both on your desktop and via a mobile app.

When to use BrowZine

  • To read on the go or with a mobile device
  • Stay up to date on recently published material from a favorite journal
  • Receive alerts when new articles are published

When not to use BrowZine

  • When you want to do in-depth research or searching. BrowZine does not include an advanced searching function to search across or within all journals via keywords or subject headings.
  • Due to publisher limitations not all journals are available in BrowZine. For a complete listing of our journal holdings please review our A-Z journal list.

Setting up an account

We recommend setting up an account with BrowZine in order to create a bookshelf, save articles, and sync across various devices (for example, desktop to tablet).

Account set up is quick and easy with these steps:

Step 1: Go to BrowZine and click on the gear wheel in the top right corner. 


Step 2: Select Login on the next page.


Step 3: On the next screen click "Sign Up" to create an account. Enter your email and create a password. NOTE: This account is separate from your Scope account. 

Step 4: After you Sign Up, an email will be sent to the email you provided. There will be a confirmation link in the email. Once your account is confirmed you will be taken back to BrowZine, and your email will appear in the top right corner next to the gear wheel. 

Start Browsing

Now you are ready to start browsing journals. You can browse by journal title or subject. BrowZine provides a subject list for you to browse or you can review our Journals by Subject list.

How to access articles

After selecting a journal and issue, you can view individual articles by either clicking the title or clicking the PDF icon under the article information section.