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ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)

Accessing your ILLiad Portal and Materials

The first time you access your ILLiad portal you will be asked for a few pieces of personal information. You will only need to enter this information once; however, if you need to update or change the information you can do so from the Tools menu. Your log-in information is your Scope username (everything before the @ in your email address) and password. 

Main menu of Illiad with tools section highlighted

All requests currently in process will appear on the main menu. The table will include the transaction number for each request, a brief description of the item, and the status of the request. 

Once a request has been processed, it will no longer appear on the main menu. You will receive an email notifying you the item has been processed and is available to access. The email will contain a link and instructions for how to access your materials.

NOTE: You must use Google Chrome to access and download the article. For copyright reasons, the requested item will only be available to download for 30 days.

Page view of Illiad portal to download requested items

Selecting "View" next to the article you want to view will open the full text of the article. As previously mentioned you will need to save the PDF outside of the portal for future access passed the expiration date listed.