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ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)

There are a few ways to request materials through the ILL portal.

NOTE: Use of Google Chrome is required to access the portal.

1. Via Databases

When searching for articles in library databases you should see an icon similar to these:

Find at CM logo button OR Find at CM logo button


This link attached to the icon will either take you directly to the item in question or you will arrive at a page similar to this: 

Page view to request item not in library collection

The page will auto-populate with the metadata for the item in question. Clicking the "Send" button will send the request to your ILLiad portal. 

The portal will open with the request form completed with the metadata from the previous page. 

Illiad article request portal with publication info already filled in

Once you complete all of the required sections select "Submit Request" to complete the request for processing.

2. Via Citation Matcher

The second option is to use our Citation Matcher tool found on our website. This tool allows you to search for a publication by title, DOI, or PMID. 

Page view of citation matcher

Once you click "Match" the process will be the same as above. You will either be directed to the full text or you will be asked to request for us to find it for you. 

3. For Print Only Collections

When searching within the Library website, you may occasionally come across this page: 

Page view of item only available in print collection

This means we only have the item in our print collection. You will need to request the item via ILL to review. Once you select "Request this item" in the blue box you will be directed along the same workflow as above. 

4. Manually

You can access the ILLiad portal from our Library Services homepage via the following icon.

request article or book logo from library homepage

The portal will open to the main menu. The right side bar includes options to make a new request. Select the type of publication you are looking to request.  

Main menu of Illiad with request item type highlighted

The next page will be a blank request form. Fill in as much of the information as you can. Keep in mind several fields are required before submitting the request. 

blank Illiad article request form