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Library Policies

Interlibrary Loan (or ILL) is the act of borrowing another library's materials for our own patrons and in return lending our materials to other libraries.

General ILL Guidelines:

  • ILL services are provided to medical staff, residents, fellows, and all CMH staff. Rotating students (residents, medical, nursing, and allied health students) should use the ILL services provided by their own education institution. 
  • Materials may be requested for patient care, research, and education. Employees who are interested in personal or school research should see our Library Personal Use Policy.
  • It is the requestor's responsibility to pick up all print materials requested for them from Library Services or to have items interoffice mailed to them. ILL items will not be kept beyond their due date for patrons who fail to pick the materials up.  It is the requestor's responsibility to return ILL items before or on the due date. Any overdue fines associated with late returns of ILL materials are the responsibility of the requestor.  Articles and other electronic materials will be delivered via secure portal or email.
  • Foreign language requests will be confirmed by library staff before being requested. 
  • Library Services does not pay to access dissertations and theses. 
  • Any request placed for urgent patient care will be processed as quickly as possible and returned within 24 hours. It is the requestor's responsibility to indicate that the request is for patient care.