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Library Policies

Library Services will purchase knowledge-based resources that support the pediatric clinical care, education, and research needs of CMH staff, recognizing that those needs may change over time. All retention, access, and disposal policies will be made with the intent that CMH staff continue to have the best resources available to them within the means of our budget. 

Guidelines for Selecting Materials:

  • A core collection of online resources will be maintained. Non-pediatric materials will be maintained as online resources only in most cases.
  • A limited number of pediatric reference books textbooks, and journals will be maintained in both online and print formats. 
  • Additional resources will be collected as budgets allow. Frequently updated resources might not be purchased every year or edition. Pocket manuals and handbooks will be rarely purchased as most have been surpassed by point of care tools.
  • Library Services makes no commitment to purchasing nursing certification or physician board review books. 
  • For archival material, Library of Services will work with the Childrens' Mercy Historian.
  • Library Services will limit duplication of resources available at UMKC for physicians since most have faculty appointments there. Nursing and Allied Health resources will be duplicated when demand warrants.
  • Library Services currently maintains the William L. Bradford History of Pediatrics collection.
  • Library Services will administer the institutional repository and will develop its collections to showcase and preserve the history and academic accomplishments of Children's Mercy Hospital personnel.

Maintenance of the Collection:

  • Print pediatric journals will be bound for preservation and will be kept indefinitely. Non-pediatric print journals may or may not be bound and may be retained for 25 years depending on use and space. Missouri Medicine is the only exception to this and will be kept indefinitely.
  • Pediatric print textbooks and reference books will be retained indefinitely, but may be selectively removed from the collection as space and use allows. The only exception to this is the Bradford collection. Badly worn or lost materials will only be replaced if there is a high demand for them.
  • Backfiles of heavily used online resources will be purchased as funds are available and need is apparent.
  • Online subscriptions are purchased or discontinued at the discretion of the Library Manager focusing on the mission of the library and the hospital.
  • Any audiovisual or other non-print materials will be maintained according to the same principles as print books.

Bibliographic Access to the Collection

Bibliographic records will be maintained in the library catalog, and when appropriate, in resource sharing catalogs. Access to the collection is governed by the Eligible Users Policy and by our license agreements with vendors.

All print materials are cataloged according to the National Library of Medicine Classification System which has been modified for our pediatric collection. Online subscriptions will be discoverable in our E-journals portal and might not appear in the library catalog